Photo: By Me {Dyven}

I don’t have much to say. So I hope you enjoy this post.

Hair: Harmony – Truth

Ears: Pierced Elf Ears – Mandala

Necklace: Majestic Amazon – Bens Beauty

Bangles: Cady Gold – -RYCA-

Rings:  ILove You – Fornamails

Dress: Krista Dress – Mutresse  (Fameshed)

Shoes: Dune Wedges – Hilly Haalen Fashions

~Always be yourself and stay blessed~


By poisonskies



Photo By: {Me} Dyven

This Pac-Man top took me back to up,up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a lol. The old heads will know what im talking about lol.

Hair: *Dura– *49

Necklace: [Boby Factory]– Fly Necklace

Bangles: -RYCA- – Icy Platinum

Rings: Formanails– Opali

Top: Bens Boutique– Top 5

Pants: Zoey’s Closet– Dakota Sweatpants

Shoes: Bens Boutique– Bowella Stiletto

~Always be yourself and stay blessed~



By poisonskies

We’re Back

Lazy day1Photo’s By: {Me} Dyven 🙂

Lazy day

So ummmm yea. We’re back. \o/yayyyyyyyyy and stuff. I know y’all missed us. Ok well maybe not lol. But its ok lol cus we do this for fun. Now with that being said we are going to be working on the page. So don’t be alarmed……….lol. But if you have any suggestion please leave us a comment. 

Hair: Olive~ The Steffi Hair

Forehead Jewel: Punch~ Cross

Top: BabyDoll~ Sheer Halter

Pants: Beautiful Dangerous~ Cotton Leggings

~As always be you and stay blessed~

The Curvy One

By poisonskies

#25 Gamer Girl Nostalgia

Player2 caye close up w text

We took these pics at The 8-Bit Area. It’s a cool little place to have some fun at.

Player2 full

We had fun doing this post.

player2 sky close up w text

Photos By Devyn

 So we felt  like we had to bring Mario into the 21st century and stuff.  Now days a plunger just ain’t gonna cut it *lol* and princess Peach better stop getting kidnapped cause I’m not gonna save her too many more times *smh*. I only blogged the hair so if you need the link to the overalls or anything else look at one of the older post.

On Devyn:  [LeLutka]

On Khartermoda   co57   wasabi pills   [nh]   bomshie

The Curvy One 


The Chaotic One

By poisonskies

#24 Hey Mista Dj

Hey Dj close

I took these pics at my sister’s house. So I cant give you the link to the house lol.

Hey Dj full w text

Photo’s By {Me} Sky 

I really in love with these shoes from Hucci………buuuuut imma need her to make it into a boot cus that would be really hot. Any who hope y’all enjoy and like always feel free to leave us a comment.

Miss C.   Maxi Gossamer   .::YoPulga::.   Mandala

:: Miss Canning ::   ::HH:: Hucci

~Always be you and be blessed~

The Curvy One

By poisonskies

#21 Sunday Best

sunday best wtext

She went to church lol

sunday best closeup

Photo By {Me} Sky 

This is Amaz1n and she is another one of my lovely sisters. She had made style and she is mean lol. Thank you sis for letting me blog you meanie face lol and i love you. Like always please feel free to leave us a comment.

Baiastice   Magika   Mandala

N-core   Mstyle   Ryca

~Always be you and be blessed~

The Curvy One

By poisonskies